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Homemade Breakfast Muffin

Start your morning off with our Homemade Breakfast muffin, a healthier but still so delicious alternative to the fast food restaurant!

We served them with our homemade Crispy Hash Browns (Recipe link- )

Serves 4

Prep Time 20 mins

Cook Time 15 mins


500g Turkey Mince (can use any mince, we went for the healthiest option)

1 Tsp Fennel Seeds

1 Tsp paprika

2 Tsp Gia Garlic Puree


4 Eggs

4-8 Slices of low fat Cheese slices

4 English Muffin buns

Frylight Spray Oil


1: In a bowl mix together the mince,fennel, paprika, Gia Garlic Puree and pepper

and form into 4 Burgers (we used a burger press to help with this)

2: Spray a pan/skillet with Frylight and cook the mince burgers for 5 mins on each side. Check they are cooked through.

3: Use Spray oil on a frying pan & an egg ring (or a metal cookie cutter will work), hold ring firmly down and break the yolk inside the ring. Cook egg for about 3 mins, then gently push out of mould. If you don't want runny yolk flip over and cook for 1 min longer.

4:Lightly toast the muffins in the toaster, layer bottom muffin, a cheese slice,mince burger, egg, another slice of cheese, sauce of your choice and top muffin.


“Impress your family with this brekkie, why not make a batch of them then reheat them in microwave, when you need a quick brekkie!"

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