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Founded in 1997, Productos Majuelo S.L. was set up by the third and fourth generations of a family of prestigious wine and vinegar makers.

Their wealth of knowledge has been passed from father to son and today we can enjoy their unrivalled vinegars, especially those regulated by the Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin.

To make our vinegars we use a combination of the most traditional and the most modern production techniques and heat control methods. It is a story with a past, present and future, a family legacy, a continuous union where great efforts have been made in research and development.

The Food Masters have been proud suppliers of the El Majuelo brand for 10 years now.



Sherry Vinegar

Full bodied bittersweet vinegar. It has a pleasant flavor and a mild aroma which is reminiscent of the old sherry bodegas.

This vinegar has a rich dark colour which is carefully created and aged in oak barrels for several years. The techniques used for the fermentation of this vinegar follow ancient traditions from the fourteenth century of thee “Mozarabic” in the provinces of Andalucia. 

To be used in any dish in place of rice / balsamic/ cider/ white wine and red wine, vinegars.

It adds a softer, more rounded flavour than white or red wine vinegars

It has less sweetness than balsamic Vinegar

More nutty than cider vinegar

Similar to Rice Vinegar but less acidity

Salad dressings, Sauces, Meat & Fish, Vegetables, Stews, and even fruit.

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