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Gia Garlic Puree Garlic Butter

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Try this quick and easy Gia Garlic Butter Can be used in so many ways.

Put on during or after cooking Meat πŸ– Chicken πŸ— Fish 🐟 Vegetables πŸ„ Pasta 🍝 Breads 🍞 To give an instant garlic kick !!

What would you use it on?

See our step by step video how we made this Garlic butter

We made this Gia Garlic butter, which is superb for a family gathering

on a summers day in the garden.

If you like the look of the canapes in this picture why not take a look at our video to see how its done

β€œAn oyster card will get you to the train, but Garlic will get you a seat"

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