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Chicken Biryani

We help bring a favourite curry to the table quicker with Gia Garlic Puree and Gia Chilli Puree. Can be made in a Pressure Cooker to speed up and only one pot so save on washing up!

From prep to table in under an hour, that is sometimes quicker than the Indian Takeaway!


1/2 tin Eazy Fried Onion

4 teaspoons Gia Garlic Puree

2 teaspoons Gia Chilli Puree

4 boneless chicken thighs, chopped in bite-size pieces

200g basmati rice (rinsed)

Handful fresh coriander leaves, chopped


2 bay leaf

½ cinnamon stick

5 cardamon pods

2 teaspoons paprika

2 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon all spice

½ teaspoon ginger powder

¼ teaspoon turmeric


1.Put pressure cooker on saute/fry mode add Eazy Fried Onions and all spices fry for 2 mins.

2. Add Gia Garlic and Gia Chilli Puree's and the Chicken, fry for futher 6-7 mins until Chicken has browned .

3.Put rice on top , do not mix. Add 350ml of water, sprinkle half of the Coriander on top of the rice.

4.Secure lid, close valve and cook on manual for 6 minutes. Let it release naturally for 10 minutes, then open valve to release remaining pressure.

5.Now stir it all together and remove the Cinnamon stick, Bay leaf & cardamon pods.

6. Sprinkle on the remaining Coriander.

We served ours with poppadom, naan bread, samosas, onion bhaji and raita salad.


Did you know, Biryani originated from Persia, now known as Iran.
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